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We want your experience at P3 Ministries to be a great one. Stepping into any new environment for the first time can be a little intimidating. This is just as true of a church as it is of anywhere else. For this reason we want to give you an idea of what to expect when you come.

We hope you’ll find the P3 Ministries Family to be just that … a family. We laugh often, talk a lot, share life, and grow together. You’ll be greeted by a warm environment, great music, and teaching that will make you think.

YOU SET THE PACE. We invite you to come as you are, observe, and participate however you are comfortable.

When you arrive you’ll be parking in the back of the building. There are two entrances, the first being up the concrete steps, and the second being the back entrance through the double black doors. The elevator is located beside the back entrance. Should you choose to enter through the back entrance, you will go up the inner staircase and make a right to reach the sanctuary.

When you enter, you'll be greeted by a smiling face. If you have children, this greeter may inform you of the P3 children's rooms, but children's services do not start until after our Sunday morning worship service. Feel free to grab a seat wherever you'd like in the sanctuary, and grab a sweet treat from the table towards the back of the sanctuary.


Our morning prayer begins at 10:00AM. Those that are able will approach the altar and we will join hands in prayer. Feel free to speak up and share any prayer requests and pray for whatever you may need at this time.


Immediately following our morning prayer service, we invite you to return to your seats. The service will begin with a general welcome and then invite all to stand worship God through song. We welcome you to worship however you are comfortable or simply sit and observe.


Pastors Michael and Lori Peterson will open with a "sermonette" and ask the congregation to take a few minutes to greet each other. At this point, the congregation will get up, hug, chat, and get to know each other. We find that this is important for fostering relationships. Feel free to get up and get acquainted, run to the restroom, or take care of any business before the message. At this time, children and teens will also be dismissed to their respective rooms. On the last Sunday of each month, the youth will stay in the sanctuary and listen to the general message.


For the next 35-45 minutes, Pastor Michael Peterson will deliver a message and read sections from the Bible. He will then explain what it means and why it matters for our lives today. The emphasis is always on learning more about how we can better ourselves and become the Body that our Lord wants us to be in this Earth.


At back of the center aisle is a wooden basket for financial offerings. The members of the church give financially as a way of expressing their gratitude for all that God has given them and as a way of keeping the church’s mission moving forward. A church leader will bring the basket to the front, and those that desire will bring their tithes and offerings. These free-will offerings are collected each week. Donations can be made at any time online or in person. The final song is celebratory, so you may participate with clapping, singing, or dancing.


During the final song, children return from their classes to their parents (or they may stay in their class until the very end). To conclude the service, the assistant pastor will end the service with a benediction (a “good word”). He will pray and pronounce a blessing on all who are gathered, and will share any announcements that pertain to the coming week. At that time the formal service is over.

Most will stay behind to enjoy conversation. Many people participate in cleaning up and restoring the space for the wellbeing of our facility.

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